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Give the gift that keeps on giving. A skill to last a lifetime and enrich so many moments in life.

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Weekday class options: Monday - Thursday, 10am to 4pm  

Total duration of course: 20 hours
(For those looking to learn the basics of bartending and gain certification from a highly reputable source.)

Focus on:                                                  

- Glassware; learn the proper usage of each glass type
- The Bar: functionality, opening & closing.
- Bar tools: learn how to efficiently use your bar tools.
- Architecture: instead of wasting class time memorizing 100 cocktails, we prep you to be able to make ANY cocktail.
- Cutting garnishes: twist, wedge, & flamed. 
- The industry's most popular cocktails. Yes, the ones that would even impress high-end cocktail clientele.
- Distillation, fermentation, and barrel aging: understand the liquid you are pouring.
- Tasting, history, and fun facts of: Vodka, Gin, Tequila, Rum, Whiskey and Brandy
- Customer service: great customer service leads you to great success. Learn from the best.

*From behind a real bar, you will learn how to make perfect cocktails with consistency, how to operate a bar, and learn the history of spirits while sipping them.  Graduates of our Comprehensive Course are welcome to take advantage of our free apprenticeship & resume consultation programs, and are eligible to attend any of our Master Classes at a 25% discount.