Master Certification Course

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Master Certification Course


2020 Offering: January 13th-31st

Monday-Friday, 10am to 4pm

Total duration of course: 100 hours
(for those looking to build a career, or are currently working in the industry. Our 100-hour program is only offered once per year.)

This course will take you from a novice to a professional. This course

We ask that all participants fully commit to the hours. Payment plans are available through PayPal Credit (choose this option at checkout). Full payment must be made prior to the beginning of the course. This is a once a year opportunity and to ensure quality, space is very limited.

This course includes:

  • High quality bar-tool kit

  • Stagger Lee Goods Apron

  • Access to our online course

  • One year membership with the USBG (United States Bartender Guild)

  • experience in a real bar

  • tasting of various spirits and liqueurs

  • modern (and meticulously updated) curriculum that focuses on foundation

  • taught by deeply experienced and connected industry leaders

  • Graduate Apprenticeship Program

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Focus on:                                                  

- Glassware; learn the proper usage of each glass type
- The Bar: functionality, opening & closing.
- Bar tools: learn how to efficiently use your bar tools.
- Cocktail Architecture: instead of wasting class time memorizing 100 cocktails, we prep you to be able to make ANY cocktail.
-Learn how to make the most historical cocktails
- Cocktail Theory
- Ice program:
- Garnish program
- Syrups, tinctures (bitters), and infusion workshop
- The industry's most popular cocktails. Yes, the ones that would even impress high-end cocktail clientele.
- Distillation, fermentation, and barrel aging: understand the liquid you are pouring. We will take field trips to distilleries and learn how to distill properly.
- Tasting, history, and fun facts of: Vodka, Gin, Tequila, Rum, Whiskey and Brandy, and more.
- Customer service: great customer service leads you to great success.
- Apprenticeship at various San Francisco bars
- Learn how to make bartending a career and beyond
- Cocktail competition training
- Flaire bartending (the modern version, not the cheesy 80’s version)

*From behind a real bar, you will learn how to make perfect cocktails with consistency, how to operate a bar, and learn the history of spirits while sipping them.  Graduates of our Comprehensive Course are welcome to take advantage of our free apprenticeship & resume consultation programs, and are eligible to attend any of our Master Classes.