Daniel was a renaissance man whose name became synonymous with excellence and expertise in the bar industry, Daniel continued to pour a joie de vivre into everything he touched with the spirit of an old world explorer. Hyatt's wealth of knowledge, whip-smart wit, and pure knack for the art of tending bar is something that can never be replaced. After years of cutting his teeth in watering holes throughout the country, Daniel built the bar at Haight Street's Alembic (and is the main reason for its high acclaim), before moving his renaissance to other destinations in San Francisco. He is so missed by all of us in the industry. If you'd like to taste his legacy, then do yourself a favor and go to Alembic and order a Southern Exposure. 

We here at the cocktail camp count our blessings that he helped create this award-winning program. He inspired our name, our ever-evolving lesson plan, and our lust to grow our knowledge.

His beautiful resume included, but is not limited to:  Alembic, Roka Akor, Winterland; or from countless appearances in newspaper and magazine articles, including GQ & The New York Times.

Rohini Moradi, Cocktail Queen

Your founder and director at The Cocktail Camp (TCC), Rohini's story is the ultimate testimony of what a sink-or-swim mentality can do for your career.  Since fainting on her very first day behind a bar, she picked herself up quickly and often to learn some of the most valuable lessons life has to offer throughout her ten years of bartending in San Francisco.  Rohini's passion for cocktail craft is informed by her avid research of herbal medicine, nutrition, mixology, and her thirst for knowledge, which is as strong as ever!  To serve a better tasting tomorrow, Rohini founded TCC in 2015, helping up-and-comers stand out among the crowd of tired and uninspired traditionalists in the bar industry with expanded palettes and fresh perspectives.  She hasn't fainted since that first day behind the bar.

You might recognize her from... Club Deluxe, Elbo Room, or Alembic; as Brand Ambassador for Hana Gin, Urbanite Editor of SOMA Magazine; as the creator of Roya Spirit; or as co-founder of CEREMONY beverage catering


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The best things in life are truly free.  In the case of Nora, she was born with it.  Her dad was a bartender at the birthplace of the Irish Coffee (The Buena Vista), and her mom was a cross-country coach.  Naturally, Nora took interest in both worlds, and found a path that could make the best of each.  Already an avid daily runner (see: 'Commute Hack'), she enrolled in a course at The Cocktail Camp near our very onset, in August of 2015.  She graduated with a job offer at Slate Bar, and quickly worked her way from the back of the bar to the front.  After graduating, while employed at three bars for a total of seven days a week, Nora showed crazy initiative by forwarding bartending opportunities to us at TCC - just to help out her fellow graduates.  In January of 2016, she became an instructor at The Cocktail Camp, but - being the lifetime runner - she didn't stop there.  As of January 2017, she is now a full partner at The Cocktail Camp - guiding our students to their personal best on the road to their own landmark achievements.  All of this came to Nora for free, with something she was born with: she earned it all with her incredible heart.

You might recognize her from: Bar Nua, HQ Bar, Slate Bar

san francisco Bartending School

Daniel godinez, pathfinder

The expression goes 'when life hands you lemons, make lemonade'... but what if life hands you coconuts?  Like any great bartender, Daniel is the resourceful type.  He made a Chaplin-esque matinee show out of a routine pop stand turn in the SOMA neighborhood one day, chopping up coconuts with a machete and mixing his own cocktail creations inside.  This artful display caught the eye of the bar manager at 15 Romolo, who was manning a nearby stand, and Daniel was invited to become part of their team right on the spot.  Daniel has been serving there for over four years now, but he doesn't just 'span time', like when he came home from a long run to chug a water bottle that he didn't know was filled with mezcal from his native Oaxaca...  and he doesn't simply 'kill time' by keeping a keen eye on the cleanliness and upkeep of the bar...  He preserves it with a deep appreciation for the history of our craft (the 50-50 Martini being his all-time favorite), and expands it with a thirsty fervor for new recipes, discoveries, and ideas in the modern realm of cocktails.

You might recognize him from: 15 Romolo (Senior Bartender), Hog & Rocks (Senior Bartender), The New Easy (Bartender)

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  • Proficient in cocktail history

  • Ninja with bar tools

  • Charming as heck

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