"Scout's Honor" 
Read what our awesome grads have to say about TCC...

You learn a great deal about set up of a bar, about the spirits, tips and techniques of bartending, and customer service etc. My favorite part about the course was that you get lots of hands on experience to sharpen your skills as a bartender. I once impressed a SF bar owner with my pouring and stirring skills. Another favorite part is that you meet a lot of interesting people with diverse backgrounds and knowledge!
— Solongo B.
In my opinion, The Cocktail Camp is a top quality 21st Century bartending institution built around a global community of creative, passionate and experienced instructors; fun-loving and zestful students; and a learning environment that promotes the true sense of crafting masterful cocktails.
— Liz P.
I don’t know what I did to be so lucky to have gone to this school, and meet these people... and the awesome group of classmates I had. If bartending is on your mind and tingling through your feet, I hope you’ll be blessed to start your journey here.
— Steven N.