Opus One Winery

The Cocktail Camp attracts a wide range of individuals from all walks of life and all regions of the world.  It's always a great feeling whenever one of our graduates takes the lead, especially when it means a field trip!  One such grad is head winemaker of Opus One Winery, Michael Silacci.  As winemaker, Michael is the first to assume full responsibility for the viticulture of this fine, biodynamic wine.  He takes great care in every precious step, and was kind enough to intimate his knowledge of the winemaking process during a private tour of the grandiose Opus One estate.  We were fortunate enough to sip some of California's finest wines while soaking in the secrets of the vineyard!  I took my mother-in-law Marguerite, my longtime friend Vanessa, and her mixologist partner, Chris.

I hope you enjoy the pictures to come :)

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